Pensacola Beach

Stop standing on the shore watching others have a great time, sailing out on the water with Pensacola Beach Fishing Charters. It’s your turn to have fun on a beautiful charter boat. You deserve to sit back and relax while catching some of the world’s most challenging fish. Join the millions each year who take to the high seas for sports fishing, whale watching, or simply partying.

No law states, you have to fish to take a charter boat. There are lots of activities other than fishing, although there’s nothing wrong with taking home a great catch, fish for Marlin, Tuna, or Cod. The Pensacola area is picturesque and brimming with sea life. In preparation for your outing, you should make sure to bring a jacket that repels the wind and gives a bit of warmth, shoes that wear well on wet surfaces, and swimwear.

The charter serves food. If you have a preference for a catered lunch or dinner, it can be prepared. In any event, there are multiple options. You are welcome to bring your lunch or stop for a bite to eat. Also, enjoy the luxury of picking your style of sailing attire, or you might want to sport hats or shirts worn by fellow sailors.

Choose between a catamaran, speed boat, or full-sized charter boat. Everybody can have a good time on these excursions, and there’s no limitation on the reasons for a charter boat cruise. Have a birthday party, and invite friends, or make it a reunion cruise. Fishing equipment is provided by Pensacola Beach Fishing Charters, and the crew is highly professional. The charter service is licensed and bonded and utilizes the newest boating equipment.

Spend the whole day fishing or watching the water sway. Be surprised when one of Nature’s aquatic creatures pays a visit when you least expect it. Our service provides a way for you to go out on the water with skilled boat operators for lengthy outings.

Cruises are available for lunch or dinner. Simply call, and make a reservation, or go online and take a look at the amenities offered by Pensacola Fishing Charters. Since this is a charter, you can stop along the route and see the sites in Pensacola Beach, have lunch, or take a site seeing tour before returning to the boat. Arrange a trip for your corporate customers as exciting as any land excursion, or spend a pleasant day with your family. Bed and breakfast tours are simple to arrange, as well as those for serious anglers.

Our charter boat has facilities at Strickly Fishing Charters inside and out of the weather. They offer comfort for those simply wanting to spend a day out on the water. You, as a client, decide how long your charter will last. This may mean a few hours or a few days.

Simply check with our reservation services, and we can hash out the details. Enjoy this charter vessel being at your beck and call. It is possible to rent some charters and self operate the vessel. However, having a skilled captain that has extensive knowledge of the area makes the voyage carefree.



Looking to get outdoors and catch some game on the east coast? Pennsylvania is the place for you. Between miles and miles of forested mountains and the beautiful Lake Erie, you’ll find Pennsylvania can easily provide all of your fishing or hunting needs. This great state is a true outdoorsman paradise. In this article we’ll discuss a few of the beautiful outdoor parks and opportunities available in the state.

If fishing is your sport, Pennsylvania will not disappoint. Lake Erie sports a wide array of fish from Walleye, Perch, Trout, Steelhead, Muskies, and more. Fishing charters can be booked in Erie, PA and are a great way to reel in some impressive catches. The local area sports low cost of living so these charters tend to be cheaper than most other fishing areas. Pennsylvania also sports many creeks and rivers that are plentifully stocked through out the various mountains. Neshannok Creek, Slippery Rock Creek, and Cedar Run all being very popular and successful sites. Presque Island Bay is also a great site to check out near Erie that is right on the lake.

While out in the mountains you should also take part in hunting down some bear if they’re in season. Pennsylvania sports the record for the largest black bear and is also incredibly stocked with other game. White tailed deer are numerous here, with Pennsylvania’s Game Commission estimates at 300,000 deer tagged every year. Squirrels are also plentiful through out most of the Oak forests in the state. Thanksgiving’s main course can also be found here as there’s a large population of Turkey. Ruffed goose, waterfowl, and pheasant are also present. No matter what your hunting, you’ll find plenty of wild life in the forests of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania supports a healthy supply of parks around the state to go to. The Allegheny National Forest is an amazing location to check out for both hunting and fishing, while also being one of the few areas to have virgin forests in the state. It’s massive size and relatively untouched condition make it a perfect getaway from the modern world, while also having beautiful scenic views on the drive to the park. Pennsylvania also has a large number of state parks making it easy to find a fishing or hunting spot just about anywhere in the state.

All together, Pennsylvania is a great location for anyone looking to fish or hunt. There’s many small parks and streams off the beaten path available for public fishing. If you’re having trouble finding a park to hunter, the Pennsylvania Game Commission also maintains a list of private lands available for public hunting. Erie and the surrounding area can provide a fun time for lake fishing and give you access to some great catches. Pittsburg can provide a city experience, but not too far away you’ll find a multitude of small parks and streams available to you. All together, there’s no corner of Pennsylvania that has a bad fishing or hunting experience. Consider Pennsylvania next time you’re looking to plan a trip to the outdoors. The State of Independence may surprise you.